Webino™ installation scripts

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How To

Easy Setup [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org -qO- | sh

NOTE: Skip SSH setup with --no-ssh

Machine setup [TODO]

Local development [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org/seed -qO- | sh -s -- --local

Development server [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org/seed -qO- | sh -s -- --dev

Public server [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org/seed -qO- | sh -s -- --pub

Building Apache 2.4 from source

Local development [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/apache -qO- | sh -s -- --local

Development server [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/apache -qO- | sh -s -- --dev

Public server

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/apache -qO- | sh -s -- --pub

Installing MySQL database

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/mysql -qO- | sh

Building PHP from source

Local development [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/php -qO- | sh -s -- --local

Development server [TODO]

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/php -qO- | sh -s -- --dev

Public server

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/php -qO- | sh -s -- --pub

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/php -qO- | sh -s -- --pub --update

PHP specific version

wget https://get.webino.org/seed/php -qO- | sh -s -- --pub --php 7.0.0RC5

Installing Webino Devkit

wget https://get.webino.org/devkit -qO- | sh


Please, if you are interested in these scripts report any issues and don’t hesitate to contribute. We will appreciate any contributions on development of these scripts.

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